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1. Backrooms

This is a scary game that has taken the internet by storm and is based on the concept of mistakenly no-clipping past the boundaries of our reality and into an unending, labyrinthine hellscape of vacant, corporate-styled office rooms. 

2. Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF Unblocked)

Five Nights At Freddy's ( FNAF game) has held the top spot among horror video games. Its gameplay is straightforward and engaging. In this game, the player assumes the position of a security guard working at night, attempting to flee the dreadful bears and survive. 

There are four cartoon characters waiting for you: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Fazbear, when night comes, will turn into a scary creature and often appear on the left and right doors. Bonnie usually attacks players on the left. Chica usually attacks players on the right. Foxy often attacks unexpectedly by running quickly towards the opponent. As for Foxy, when you see him, close the door immediately.

To win the FNAF unblocked game, you need to learn how to use electrical devices. Flashlight and camera batteries can run out of battery at any time. Sometimes it depends on the sound that is emitted, not necessarily on the camera screen. Flip the lamp when you hear the sound to save electricity. You should also observe the shadows on the doors.

Currently, the video game FNAF has been turned into a movie. The first thing I can say after watching the movie is that this is a mediocre movie, and nothing stands out. If you are in the game, you will always have a feeling of suspense and fear. In the FNAF movie, there are only a few jump scares; it's really too boring and safe. For these video game enthusiasts, the FNAF movie is nothing worth watching.

3. Poppy Playtime

The horror game Poppy Playtime shook the gaming industry when it first came out. This game has received accolades for its original plot, difficult gameplay and amazing setting.  

4. Granny

In the Granny arcade horror game, you must navigate your way out of Grandma's old chambers and corridors. Just watch out that Granny doesn't find out you're sneaking out.

5. Friday Night Funkin

You may test your musical IQ and reflexes with this fun and original music rhythm game. You have to beat your girlfriend's father at rhythm games and prove that you can sing better than him if you want to win her affection and her father's approval. 

6. The Baby In Yellow

In this game, you take on the role of a babysitter who must watch over an extremely mischievous and unsettling infant who has red eyes and is dressed in a yellow onesie. 

7. Slender Man

The Slender Man is depicted as a tall, black-suited humanoid with a white visage and no facial features. He is notorious for the evil kidnappings of numerous children in frightening locations. 

8. Hello Neighbor

It is a horror video game that was inspired by a story about sneaking into one's neighbor's home to discover the horrifying secrets he is hiding in the basement.

9. Let's Kill Evil Nun

The game is set in an asylum where there are rumors of an evil nun haunting the place. You must confirm her presence while dodging her attacks as well as those of her terrifying henchmen and other animals. 

10. Geometry Dash

Playing this rhythm game is a lot of fun. Jump and soar through dangers in order to advance in this game. Even though you'll shout in anger, you'll surely keep coming back for more. 

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