FNaF Shooter is an exciting first-person horror game in which you must track down a swarm of assassin robots in a desolate town at night. Five Nights at Freddy's is a scary game where you have to spend the night alone in a scary arcade full of friendly-looking robots that want to kill you.

Don't linger too long in the supermarket! Every night, cute and hilarious animatronics come to life. They cut the power and began searching for the remaining tourists. You are the only one who can handle these scary animated characters. Animatronics are quite resilient. Even if you break their limb or leg, they will continue to haunt you. They can be destroyed by being torn apart. Survive and save the earth from an animatronic invasion! 


Fnaf Shooter is a combination of a shooting game and a horror game, which brings you an exciting experience during playtime.

How to play

Compared to other versions of FNaF, there is no significant variation in gameplay. In this chapter, the player is armed with a gun to defend against the toy automatons.

Utilize the mouse and keyboard buttons to manipulate your character and weapon. Press ESC to quit the game.