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Riddle School 5

Released the day after Riddle School 4, it was the series' last chapter at the time. It turns out that Phil did not actually die after falling into a lava pit; rather, he simply woke up in an extraterrestrial prison! This is the most ridiculously long and intricate game in the entire series, and it's also the best. The size of the download for this game is just enormous. Because finishing it takes more than ten minutes and could take significantly longer if it's your first time playing, you'll need to make sure you set aside some time in your calendar to do it. The Riddle School 5 comes with not one but two different tile puzzles. 


In comparison to the four previous seasons, this new version is packed with a variety of hard puzzles, unique settings, and plot twists.

It is important to have patience when loading this game because of the enormous file size of the game.


How to play

Your task is to take control of Phil as he goes on an epic journey to get away from a group of aliens who are threatening the survival of Earth. Use everything you find to help you explore the mysterious place where you are being held and put an end to their plans for good. Save the environment by combining everyday things to make tools that work better.

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