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Let's Kill Evil Nun

Let's Kill Evil Nun, a new and the hottest online game recently, is set in an asylum where there are legends of an evil nun haunting the area. When playing this game, you must verify her presence while avoiding her attacks as well as those of her eerie henchmen and other creatures. While frightening, it's also enjoyable. 

How to play

You must enter this haunted location, gather a minimum of eight crosses, and bring them back alive in order to show the existence of this evil creature to the outside world. You must do this while avoiding being captured and killed by her and other dangerous monsters that inhabit this ominous and terrifying location.

To avoid the creatures, you can either run away or try to shoot them. Move with WASD, aim and shoot with the mouse, reload with R, jump with space, run with shift, throw grenades, pick up things with F, crouch with L-CTRL, and lay down with X.


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