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Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin, abbreviated "FNF", is a terrific rhythm game that looks a lot like the popular Dance Dance Revolution.

In this game, you must engage in conflict with your girlfriend's father, a great musician. If you want to win your girlfriend's heart and her father's favor, you must defeat him in rhythm challenges and demonstrate that you can sing better than he can. Playing this game will help you master the beat. 


It takes several weeks to play through in Story Mode. You have the ability to select the level of difficulty for the major adversary that appears once per week. In the Free Play option, you are able to choose the specific song that you wish to play at any given time.

How to play

Players are able to use the WASD or arrow keys to play.

In order to adjust the volume, use the minus and plus buttons.

To mute, press the 0 key.

Similar to Dance Dance Revolution, you need to press an arrow when it crosses over another arrow.

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