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Buckshot Roulette

Enter a world of spine-chilling suspense with Buckshot Roulette, an innovative tabletop horror game that fearlessly recreates the dangerous game of Russian Roulette. In this daring journey into the unknown, players are invited to face their deepest fears and navigate the treacherous waters of a macabre story.

How to play

Buckshot Roulette departs from convention, ditching the familiar revolver in favor of the ominous "Cursed Cylinder." As players gather around the table, an atmosphere of anticipation envelops them, enhanced by thematic sounds and subtle emanations of dim lighting. Each participant will play a character who not only has a unique backstory but also has the courage to face the nightmarish challenges that lie ahead.

The game opens as Cursed Cylinder takes center stage, introducing an element of danger beyond traditional Russian Roulette. Drawing cards representing supernatural challenges, players make strategic decisions that shape the story, strengthen alliances, and test their resilience in the face of the unknown. The table becomes a battlefield where courage and cunning collide, ensuring an immersive and unpredictable gaming experience.

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