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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a horizontal rhythm game that is incredibly enjoyable to play.

The objective of this game is to leap and fly through peril. You will scream in frustration, yet you will return for more.

In the universe of Geometry Dash, you'll face a nearly insurmountable challenge.

Jump, soar, and flip your way through treacherous corridors and spiked obstacles to put your talents to the test. 


  • Numerous stages with distinctive tunes.
  • Action Platforming with Rhythm.
  • A ton of success and awards.
  • Thousands of excellent user-made levels.
  • With the level editor, you can make and share your own levels.

How to play

Pressing or holding the block allows the player to control their movement in the level. Keep in mind that the concept of time and the rhythm of the game are both essential components of the game that are frequently intertwined.

To perform a jump, press the up arrow key or the space bar on your keyboard.

To do a multi-jump, just press and hold the up arrow key or the space bar for a few seconds.

To move the vehicle upward, press and hold the up arrow.

To move the vehicle downward, use the arrow that points down

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