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TrollFace Quest: Horror 2

Here we have the continuation of the interactive horror story: TrollFace Quest: Horror 2. The previous game may be one you've played before. It has won the hearts of many players with its quirky, original, and endearing premise. Additional content is available in the online version of this famous horror game. It's best not to fight it and just give up. Don't freak out too much and enjoy yourself tremendously. 


Whether you're at work, taking public transportation, or standing in line. You may be followed by maniacs, ghosts, and frightening little twin girls. This is feasible due to the title's availability on both PCs and mobile devices.

The game has several levels, with the complexity increasing from easy to severe. It's not just a horror game; it's also a puzzle-solving game. Try to conquer and become the ultimate winner of this fantastic game! 

How to play

The controls are quite simple. You'd hardly make it through the opening scene otherwise. All you have to do is click (or tap) on a specific object or area. If you make the appropriate decision, you will switch roles with the villain.

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