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The Granny begins with the player waking up in a bed in an unfamiliar room. A crazed old woman (or demon), has trapped them in her rundown home and is stalking them with a gory baseball bat. While evading Granny's pursuit and hiding in closets, coffins, and beds, they must search the home for things and tools that would enable them to open the several locks she has placed on the front door.

On their way to the front door, they will discover a garage in the back of the home, where they will find a fully operational car that has been dismantled. As an alternative to their initial plan, they may utilize the components they locate to fix up the automobile and stock it with gas so that they can drive away. 


Numerous positive reviews of Granny have been published, most of which have praised the game's stressful setting and engaging gameplay. However, because of its eerie style, it received some criticism for its aesthetics.

Granny was the second-most-watched video game on the Youtube platform in 2018 and quickly rose to prominence in the idle horror game category.


How to play

Granny draws gamers in part due to its straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay. The object of the game is to escape and survive. This can be difficult because the insane Granny who is in the house listens to every sound. If she hears you, she will go looking for you and attack you. You have five chances or days to leave the house before Granny puts an end to you.


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