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Poppy playtime

In October 2021, a new first-person horror game called Poppy Playtime was launched for the first time.

You used to work at the Playtime production facility. It dominated the whole toy manufacturing sector. But one day, nobody showed up for work and nobody came back. Despite extensive investigation, police were unable to find any relevant information. The plant was shut down and left abandoned after that.

In response to a suspicious letter from one of the missing workers, you decide to return to the site to learn the truth about what happened to everyone. Find out what the factory is keeping from you. 


Poppy Playtime is a free game for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Since its release, this indie survival horror game has grown in popularity.

The numerous jump scares that players may encounter will probably make any existing nervousness worse.


How to play

The player receives a package with VHS tape inside. The film starts with a tour of the factory and a promo for the doll Poppy Playtime before switching to spliced-in footage of graffiti showing a poppy and a note from the missing workers begging them to "find the flower." They retrieve the GrabPack, which they use to unlock the lobby door after deciphering the security door's code and getting into the abandoned toy factory. The player is introduced to Huggy Wuggy, who is on display in the room's center when they first arrive. While attempting to unlock one door in the foyer, the power cuts force them to turn on the lights in the power room

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