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Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror is a running game with a horror-themed twist. The original Geometry Dash has been reimagined as a terrifying experience in the form of Geometry Dash Horror. This edition of their game puts us to the test once more with one of their games, and this time they provide us with a terrible experience that demands we survive in a situation that is horrifying. The concept for this game came from the Halloween theme. The gameplay is exactly the same as it was before; you have to guide the cube through the maze of platforms while trying to avoid risks in the shape of spikes that could end your life. 


The new edition, which has terrifying extras, has got high praise. If you like terrifying stories, Geometry Dash Horror is the perfect online game for you. You still anticipate the same thrilling experiences from the square, but with a new twist on the old story and a slick new aesthetic.

How to play

In this game, jumping as fast as possible to avoid obstacles is what you need to do to finish the levels and conquer the game.

Use your mouse and keyboard to play Geometry Dash Horro

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