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The 3rd Night

Enter a world steeped in darkness and fear, where every shadow hides a sinister secret and every creaking floorboard echoes the whispers of the past. Tuesday Night beckons you to unravel its macabre mysteries and face the horrors hidden within.

As the sun sets over the desolate landscape, you find yourself drawn to the foreboding mansion looming in the distance. What mysteries lie within its walls? What horrors await those who dare venture inside?

Prepare yourself for an intense journey into the heart of darkness. With a gripping storyline, immersive atmosphere and gritty gameplay, this game will keep you hooked. Sit still from beginning to end.

How to play

Navigate through the mansion's labyrinthine halls using intuitive controls and a cunning strategy. Solve puzzling puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and confront sinister entities that haunt your every move.

Category and Tags

Horror games

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