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Evil Nun Schools Out

Evil Nun Schools Out is a first-person adventure game in the Evil Nun franchise. Continuing in the vein of previous installments, this is a tense horror game in which you must survive five days in the same place with a terrifying nun. You are in a class beyond school hours due to detention in a vast facility with numerous rooms, all of which are empty save for a vicious, psychotic nun who is watching you at all times. 


Evil Nun Schools Out is set in a spooky abandoned school where you are confined, and your job is to discover a means to escape while avoiding being killed by the evil nun.

When playing, the music and visual effects give players a real feeling and a sense of being stimulated.

How to play

By searching each room for objects that are required, you can increase your chances of surviving the five days without being slain by the evil nun who will unexpectedly appear. Turn down the lights and turn up the audio in order to enjoy the full experience of playing this game and to have the sense that you are actually inside that creepy school.

Move around with the WASD keys, look around with the mouse, and press the F key to interact.

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