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Scary Horror Choo Choo Game

Scary Horror Choo Choo Game is an open-world survival horror game developed by Two Star Games. In this game, you will control a monster hunter, with the goal of upgrading your train's defenses to fight and defeat the main character, Charles, a wandering train-spider hybrid monster. ladders on the island looking for prey.

The game begins with you navigating through an open-world island on an old train, upgrading it over time, and using it to fight the Charles, an evil spider ship. You'll go on quests for non-player characters, collect loot, and use that loot to upgrade your train to fend off Charles, who constantly hunts players and can be pushed back with guns mounted on the ship.

The object of the game is to collect three glowing eggs that will summon Charles to fight the player as a final boss. The game map is an island with connecting train tracks, taking the player's train to a series of locations where quests for non-player characters can be completed.

How to play

Using mouse

Category and Tags

Horror games

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