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Scary Horror Choo Choo

Scary Horror Choo Choo is an inside-out horror game in which an evil demon controls a fire engine that infects a small island. The way you play this game is extremely interesting. The player will assume the character of someone attempting to survive and escape the evil. Your job is to discover a means to stop that evil, or at least get away from its pursuit.

Throughout the game, you must look for bits and parts of the plot to better understand why this evil is invading the island and how to cope with it. Use your wits and analytical skills to stay safe and discover the game's weird hidden mysteries.

Always be cautious and never let loose, for the devil in Scary Horror Choo Choo can create plans and appear unexpectedly. Do you have what it takes to confront it and uncover the mysteries that await you on this island? Play this game and enjoy mailbox-filled scary encounters!

How to play

Using mouse

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Horror gamesscary games

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