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Scary Baby In Yellow

Prepare for a chilling experience in the world of Scary Baby in Yellow, a 3D horror game full of suspense, intrigue and scary surprises. Embark on a journey that is both scary and exciting as you move through levels, solve mysteries and face the challenge of finding the scared yellow baby. Follow the instructions closely, take your baby to the indicated place and prepare yourself for a thrilling ride into the unknown. With time limits and horror-intensifying levels, Scary Baby in Yellow promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

Scary Baby in Yellow offers a unique blend of horror, suspense and fun in a 3D gaming experience. From unraveling mysteries to navigating through chilling environments, the game challenges players to face their fears head-on. With time limits and escalating levels, this horror adventure promises an unforgettable journey into the unknown. Are you ready to face your fears, solve mysteries and find the scared yellow baby in this creepy 3D horror game? The challenge awaits and the thrill is evident!

How to play

Using mouse

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