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Laqueus Escape: Chapter II

Laqueus Escape: Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the point-and-click puzzle adventure game Laqueus Escape. You have no notion how to reach this location or where it is. But you know that in order to survive, you must flee.

Chapter 2 of Laqueus Escape presents an even more difficult puzzle in which your survival depends on your intellect and dexterity. SmartCode developed and released the second episode of the exhilarating 3D room escape game in May of 2020. The player begins the game inside an elevator that will not open. You're fortunate to have your trusted screwdriver on hand. Find your way out of the elevator and onto another floor where everything seems to be out of place. This floor features an empty locker room and a boiler tank that appears to be damaged. Find a means to fix various objects, pick locks, and solve the puzzles to get out of the floor, earn your freedom, and secure your safety. Will you be able to locate an exit from the unfamiliar location?

How to play

Using mouse

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