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Ice Scream : Horror Neighborhood 2

In the thrilling horror game Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2, you have to save your pals from Rod, the evil ice cream vendor. You are taken to a variety of settings in the game, including a movie theater, a cemetery, and a circus. To advance the plot and access new regions, you must look for objects and clues in these places.

  • Intriguing plot: You witnessed the ice cream seller Rod kidnapping your friends and neighbors. He froze your best friend with some kind of superpower and took them somewhere in his ice cream truck.
  • Rescue mission: Your mission is to hide in the truck and solve the mystery of this terrifying enemy. To do this, you will go through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child.
  • Game modes: play in ghost, normal and hard modes! Can you complete them all?

How to play

Using mouse

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