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Ice Scream: Horror Escape

Ice Scream: Horror Escape is a dramatic adventure horror game that takes players on a macabre journey full of surprises, puzzles, and gloomy environments. You must explore mysterious and scary landscapes in this game to uncover the dark secret of the ice cream seller who kidnapped your friend.

• The plot is intriguing: You witnessed Rod, the ice cream seller, abducting your friends and neighbors. With some kind of superpower, he froze your best friend and took them somewhere in his ice cream truck.

• Rescue mission: Your mission is to hide in the truck and solve this terrifying enemy's mystery. To do this, you will go through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child.

• Game modes: play in ghost, normal and hard modes!

How to play

  1. Use WASD or the joystick to move.
  2. Press the button to interact with the scene.
  3. Escape from the Ice Cream Trucker and save your friend.

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