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Hospital Horror Scary Escape

In Hospital Horror Scary Escape, a stressful and frightening escape game, you'll go on a horrifying journey through an abandoned hospital. This game puts you in the shoes of a character who must find a method to survive and escape dark rooms by solving challenging riddles and opening doors in order to stop this nightmare.
The game's standout features include:• Investigate the abandoned hospital: You'll need to hunt in the dark, solve puzzles, and open doors to find your way out.
• Constant tension: Every hidden nook of the hospital may contain something frightening, needing constant awareness.
• Vivid graphics and sound: The lighting and sound system were created to create a frightening atmosphere and immerse you in the most realistic experience possible.

How to play

When you start Hospital Horror: Scary Escape, you will feel lonely and sad as you enter the hospital. Every step might be a trap, and each open door can lead to a new fear. Can you retain your calm, solve the puzzles, and get out before it's too late?

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