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Granny 3

Granny 3, the next installment in the terrifying video game Granny series, has been launched. Granny and Grandpa will catch you once more in this game. Then they'll take you to the new house, which has things that are stranger than the old one. Both of them will guard against intruders and treat you like a prisoner.

Now it's up to you to look about the house and figure out how to get out of this eerie spot. While keeping an eye out for Granny, Granny, and a granddaughter named Slendrina, you must locate the tools necessary to open the door. They will hunt you out and kill you if they find out.

To help in the escape, you will also need to gather several items that have been left around the house in various locations. They can be found anywhere, therefore a cautious search is necessary. You must also move quietly in order to avoid making noise. Grandpa will shoot anything that frightens him with his gun because Granny can hear everything. Slendrina will show up at specific moments to make it harder for you to flee.


How to play


  • Arrow keys to move. 
  • Mouse to look around.
  • C to crouch.
  • H to hide.

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