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Freddy's Escape House

Freddy's Escape House is a fun reaction game where you have to swipe left, right or up to unlock the doors ahead as you run through dark and creepy tunnels. React quickly; otherwise, the door won't open and whatever is chasing you in that dark, horrifying house will grab you and eat you! The further you go, the faster the game becomes. Can you escape Freddy's scary abode?

How to play

  • Escape from the Darkness: Freddy's Escape House thrusts you into a threatening environment and your main goal is to overcome impending doom. As you rush through dimly lit hallways, doors block your path, and your reaction time is of the essence.
  • Door unlock challenge: Swipe in the right direction to unlock the door and clear the way forward. Don't hesitate; you'll be stuck with Freddy on your tail.

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