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FNF: Glamrock Freddy & Gregory Sings Squid Games (FNAF)

Enter an electrified world where the animatronics from "Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach" meet the iconic rhythm battles of "Friday Night Funkin'". In this thrilling mash-up, "FNF: Glamrock Freddy & Gregory's Squid Games (FNAF) Sing-Off," you will witness Glamrock Freddy and Gregory, the brave young protagonist, face off in a high-stakes singing competition inspired by the hit series "Squid Game.". Join the fun online and see who can hit the right notes and survive the ultimate musical challenge!

How to play

Character Selection: Start by choosing your character—the charismatic Glamrock Freddy or the resourceful Gregory. Each character brings his or her own style to the stage. Glamrock Freddy's stage is a gorgeous neon-lit stage, while Gregory's set is reminiscent of the eerie pizzeria from "FNAF: Security Breach."

Sing to the Rhythm: Engage in intense rhythm battles where you must hit the right notes in time with the music. Unlike traditional "Friday Night Funkin' battles, this showdown combines singing and vocal challenges. Combine vocal samples to outperform your opponents and earn points.

Squid Game Challenges: The game is divided into rounds inspired by squid game challenges. You can encounter games like Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War, etc. - all set to catchy melodies and requiring precise vocal control. Win these challenges to advance and unlock the next stage.

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