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FNF Funkin At Freddy’s Vs Afton Full Week

FNF Funkin' at Freddy's vs Afton Full Week is an exciting mod for the famous rhythm game "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF). In this mod, players will enjoy a week-long musical confrontation with Afton, a key character in the "Five Nights at Freddy's" series. (FNAF). This combination of FNF and FNAF brings new challenges, customized tracks, and a lively experience that fans of both brands can enjoy.


Game of the Week: Unlike standard FNF mods that usually have one song or a few rounds, "FNF Funkin at Freddy's vs Afton Full Week" offers a complete playweek. This means that players can expect a more expansive and challenging experience as they progress through more tracks.

Custom tracks: The mod includes original tracks created specifically for the rap battle with Afton. These tracks are synchronized with the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience and immersing players in rhythmic battles.

Afton as Evil: Afton, a prominent character in the FNAF series, plays the role of the main evil in this mod. Players face Afton in a series of stressful rap matches, making it a must-see game for FNAF fans.

Captivating plot: While FNF is known for its simple and exciting gameplay, "FNF Funkin at Freddy's vs. Afton Full Week" adds a fascinating plot that connects rap battles and provides a context for the gameplay.

Community Creation: This mod demonstrates the creativity and dedication of the FNF mod community. Fans and developers work together to create unique and exciting experiences that extend the FNF universe.

How to play

Using mouse

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