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Five Nights at Shreks Hotel

You recently sold your home and moved to a new city, and as a result, you are in need of a new residence for you and your family. You currently have a job, but you haven't saved up enough money to buy a new house even if you have a steady income. You have decided to stay at Grek's hotel for a total of five nights as a stopgap measure in the event that you are unable to amass the required amount of money. The manager of the hotel, Grek, gives off the impression of being an upstanding citizen, but there is clearly something off about him. 

How to play

When advertisements appear, press ESC and then select Skip to continue playing the game. Wasd - move forward Arrow - move forward E - Interact with any object When you are near to an object, you can interact with it once by pressing E, and then continue dialogue by clicking the mouse.

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