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Do NOT Take This Cat Home

The game "Do Not Take This Cat Home" is a mystery adventure where every choice you make will unlock a part of the mystery surrounding your new friend, a cat. This game is not about a cursed cat; that's too simple. Instead, it revolves around the decisions you make and the consequences that follow.

On your day off, you accidentally discover a box by the side of the road. The weather is gloomy, but a distant call from a cat draws you to a dark and lonely alley. A cat was found at the end of the alley, in a cardboard box. A lovely cat. What will you do? Would you selfishly ignore it and enjoy your day off? Would you befriend it, only to abandon it later? Or... will you take it home with you? Surely you would, right? Who can say no to that face?


• Visual Novel Game: "Do Not Take This Cat Home" belongs to the visual novel genre, where you read and interact with the story through choices and decisions.

• Rich Story: The game features a rich story with unexpected twists and surprises, challenging you to navigate through decisions that determine the fate of both you and your cat.

How to play

Using mouse

Category and Tags

Horror games

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