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Deform It

Get ready for a uniquely captivating experience in Deform It, a game centered around the art of deforming objects. With a cosmic setting, the game offers 13 distinct ball options and a total of 14 levels across three engaging game modes. Whether you're up for structured challenges, free-form creativity or defying gravity, "Deform It" has it all, promising a journey through space filled with possibilities. deformation ability.

How to play

In Deform It, players can unleash their creativity and enjoy the flexibility of deforming objects in a space setting. The game boasts three distinct modes:

Level Mode: Take on a structured challenge with 14 levels to conquer. Each level introduces its own objectives and obstacles, testing your skills in the art of distortion. Strategize and adapt to the challenges presented in space.

Free distortion mode: In this mode, you set the rules, so let your imagination run wild. Experiment with different shading options and deform objects freely, creating your own unique shapes and structures. The canvas is yours and the possibilities are limitless.

Anti-Gravity Mode: Defy the laws of physics in this anti-gravity mode, adding another layer of challenge to the deformation experience. Navigate through space with altered gravity, bringing a new dimension to the game.

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