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Dead Plate

Dead Plate is a groundbreaking game that challenges players to redefine their expectations of interactive storytelling. Developed beyond the limits of traditional gaming, this title invites players into a captivating world where the lines between gameplay and story are blurred, providing a unique and engaging experience.

How to play

Explore thoroughly : Take your time to explore every corner of the game world. Dead Plate hides clues, secrets, and alternate story paths that can significantly impact the story. Interact with the environment and characters to uncover the hidden layers of the story.

Think strategically : Decision-making is very important in Dead Plate. Each choice the player makes will affect the direction of the story. Consider the potential consequences of your actions, as they could lead to unexpected twists and turns.

Attention to detail: The game is designed with attention to detail. Subtle cues in the environment, character dialogue, and even background music can yield valuable insights. Watch to fully appreciate the richness of the storytelling.

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