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Dead Faces : Horror Room

Dead Faces: Horror Room is an intense psychological horror game where you will explore Jack's disturbed mind and face faces from his past. This game lasts about 3–4 hours of gameplay, with Steam achievements and more. Dead Faces is not only a journey through hallucinations but also a confrontation with Jack's past and the truth behind his actions. You have to remember those faces.

The game puts you in the role of a protagonist who awakens in a scary hallway. This was an unfamiliar building that he needed to worry about. Wake up in the dark and enter the rooms! Every room contains an evil energy that can drive people crazy. The main task in Dead Faces: Horror Room is to escape this place.

This game is not only a dress-up game but also a fun puzzle game. In the game, you need to choose the right outfit and jewelry for the model and make the model win the favor of the judges in the competition.

How to play

Using mouse

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Horror games

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