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Christmas: Night of Horror

Christmas: Night of Horror is a special horror action game for the holiday season. This game combines famous horror characters like Slenderman, Slendrina, Siren Head, Jeff The Killer and more into a challenging adventure to save Christmas.

• Characters: All your favorite characters in one Christmas game: Slenderman, Slendrina, Mother Bird, Siren Head, Jeff the Killer, Homicidal Liu, Jane the Killer, and Nina the Killer.

• Mission: Your mission is to find seven gifts and rescue seven Santa Clauses from evil entities.

• Weapons: The game offers five types of weapons, including dual pistols, rifles, machine guns, knives and Molotov cocktails.

• Graphics: amazing 3D graphics and smooth controls.

• Levels: Six adorable and scary levels for you to play.

The game also supports gamepads, providing a flexible and comfortable gaming experience. Try your hand at Christmas: Night of Horror, and see if you can save Christmas from the horror characters! Good luck!

How to play

Using mouse

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