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Bou's Revenge

Bou's Revenge is a 3D horror experience inspired by a popular mobile game. The game starts with you taking care of Bou, a seemingly harmless pet, but things quickly get strange and scary. What begins innocently soon turns into a series of macabre events that challenge the player's expectations.

Players will start by taking care of Bou—feeding, cleaning and playing with it. However, things quickly take a dark turn when unexpected and disturbing events begin to emerge. The player must solve puzzles to escape the house. This game was originally created for an online video on the developer's channel and quickly became popular on the internet, leading to people asking for a mobile version.

Game highlights:
• 3D Graphics: 3D graphics enhance the immersive quality of the game, allowing players to interact more deeply with Bou's perverse world.

• Dark Humor: Despite its scary overtones, "Bou's Revenge" maintains a dark sense of humor. The game plays with player expectations, interspersing light moments with unexpected scares.

• Creative Process: The game's development and the unique vision behind its creation are captured in an accessible YouTube video produced by the game's creator.

How to play

Using mouse

Category and Tags

Horror games

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