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5 Nights With Baby In Yellow

Prepare for a hair-raising adventure in 5 Nights with Baby in Yellow, the newest addition to our collection of FNAF-inspired horror games! Brace yourself as you step into the role of a brave babysitter tasked with surviving five terrifying nights while caring for the mysterious Baby in Yellow. Can you endure spine-chilling encounters and defeat the evil forces lurking in the darkness?

How to play

  • Play the role of a babysitter who has the responsibility of looking after Baby in Yellow, a enigmatic figure who suffers from a sinister presence.
  • Use the mouse to interact with surveillance cameras placed throughout the house. Be vigilant in monitoring Baby in Yellow's whereabouts and be ready to act quickly at the first sign of danger.
  • Press the camera button as soon as you realize that Baby in Yellow is under the control of a demon to turn on the flashlight and drive away that evil force.
  • Repeat this process every night until dawn breaks and the demon retreats, allowing you to survive to meet another day.
  • Be prepared as each night poses increasing challenges, requiring quick reflexes and nerves of steel to overcome.

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