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The Farm You Grew Up On

Embark on a journey of revenge and survival in The Farm You Grew Up On, a captivating fusion of Survival Horror and RPG elements. As the protagonist, your mission is clear: confront the group that ruined your life and get justice for them. But to succeed, you must make your way through a treacherous landscape filled with scarce resources, mysterious enemies, and an unreliable salesman.

How to play

Survival is paramount in The Farm You Grew Up On. To outlast the ominous masked cultists and achieve your goals, you must master the following:

Resource management: Navigate through deserted farms while facing limited supplies. Every decision counts as you allocate your resources to overcome the challenges ahead.

Combat Strategy: Take on the strange enemies that stand in your way with cunning and precision. Whether it's stealthily avoiding their gaze or engaging in combat, every encounter requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

NPC Interactions: Interact with a mysterious shopkeeper who holds the keys to important items and upgrades. But be careful, their reliability can fluctuate, leaving you to fend for yourself in the unforgiving wilderness.

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Horror games

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