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The 3D horror game Surge features the opening of hell's gates on earth as a result of the devil's actions. A terrifying devil monster has emerged from the gate and is currently causing mayhem throughout the nation. Your school has been overrun by monsters; you must protect the younger students and find the key to the school bus in order to escape from this dreadful location. This mobile game known as Surze is without a doubt an excellent game to play. 


Surze is a playable online game that doesn’t require any download or installation.

If you want to get the most fantastic experience, turn off the lights and wear your headphones during playtime.


How to play

This game's controls are comparable to those of other first-person shooters and walking simulators. Press W, A, S, and D on the keyboard to execute the maneuver. Utilize the mouse to explore the area. Holding Ctrl while moving stealthily and Shifting while fleeing the beast.

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