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Siren Head: Playing in the Forest

In the tense action game Siren Head: Playing in the Forest, you find yourself trapped in the middle of a wooded area after being involved in some sort of mishap. Your one and only goal is to flee from this creepy nightmare, but the scary Siren Head is blocking your path. To get away from this terrifying creature, you must first survive the encounter, then collect car parts to fix your vehicle, and then drive away. Beware the menacing and eerie 3D model of the Lilac-Headed monster, which is waiting to send shivers down your spine. As you fight to stay alive and take on the Siren Head, you'll run into a storyline twist you weren't expecting. In this spine-tingling horror tale, you should get ready for a dramatic showdown in the last act, during which your abilities will be put to the test. Are you able to overcome the terrifying situation and save your family?

How to play

Using mouse

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