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Mr Meat house of flesh

Mr. Meat's House of Flesh is the title of a horror game in which players get lost in Mr. Meat’s house and face many unpredictable dangers. In other words, your neighbor, the slaughterer, has turned into a zombie out for blood. He has no spirit and can only live off of human flesh and blood. He plans to use a young woman as his next guinea pig. There's nowhere for her to go but this dungeon. Your creepy zombie neighbor will obviously kill her if nobody stops him or her. Your top priority should be to find her and bring her to safety. It is time to commence rescue operations. 


The game's sound design is the first notable aspect. All of the people who played this game agree that this game is scary and helps them be more brave.

Second, there's the visual presentation of the protagonist. It's safe to say that when the gamers first laid eyes on Mr. Flesh, they got the willies.

How to play

The keyboard's WASD key is used to maneuver your character.

Press the F key to interact, conceal, or use nearby items.

To drop the object, press G.

Press the T key to reveal.

To squat, press the left CTRL key.

Press the pause button to leave.

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