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Ice Scream

Imagine that one day, a vendor of ice cream pulls up to your neighborhood in a truck. The ice cream maker is more than just eerie, to be honest. He'll entice the youngsters with delicious ice cream before robbing them and securing them in this truck. What you hear is the stolen child's scream, hence the moniker Ice Scream. Your job is to figure out what's going on with the ice cream truck and try to help the poor kids. 


Ice Scream is a straightforward game that everyone can handle quickly.

This game is fascinating and dramatic, with amazing sound effects that increase suspense and frighten gamers.

How to play

Take a short glance at this game's gameplay before playing it:

You must first select your desired playing mode. Three different game modes are available: Ghost, Normal, and Hard.

Then, while you are wandering, try to remain quiet and out of sight. The main objective is to stay away from the ice cream man. So try to keep silent.

Use the map to navigate from one location to the next. Your goal in this game is to explore this area and search various locations for hints and clues. Therefore, you must locate the map in order to enable the truck transportation option.

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