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Haunted School 2

Playing the terrifying independent horror game Haunted School 2 will have you on the edge of your seat as you experience every aspect of fright. You'll learn that the evil nun's terrifying ghost is present at the school where you are. A man with the courage to enter the building and take a closer look at the monster is what the beast chases outside the school in quest of. Compared to the female who appeared in the previous installment, the ghost this time will be much larger and angry. It's time to summon all your courage, go down the corridors bravely, solve a bewildering array of puzzles, and discover where the dangerous demonic spirit is hiding while doing everything in your power to send it back to where it belongs. The monster claimed the lives of numerous daredevils, and they are no longer among us. But it's time to leave that nasty old school behind and face the nightmare. 

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