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Ghostly Spikes

Ghostly Spike explores humorous parody, borrowing inspiration from Abigail's Don't Starve. This character takes on the role of a killer ghost, replicating Abigail's distinguishing features, such as the signature flower headgear and a change in hue during attacks. Prepare for a fun and entertaining examination of spectral antics.


Immerse yourself in a quirky world of parody as Ghostly Spike pays homage to Abigail from Don't Starve. The mod takes advantage of the similarities between the two killer ghosts, injecting humor into the character's design and actions.

Witness the naughty activities of Ghostly Spike, a murderous ghost with a penchant for the dramatic. The mod retains the core of Abigail's ghostly appeal while also adding a distinct twist that contributes to the character's overall humor.

Floral headpiece: Both Ghostly Spike and Abigail proudly gear their unusual floral headpiece. The flower represents their ethereal existence, forming a visual link between the two characters in this hilarious spoof.

Colorful Transformations: Ghostly Spike's funny transformations during assaults are reminiscent of Abigail's antics. This humorous detail lends an element of amusement to the character's exchanges and engagements.

homage to Don't Starve: Enjoy the homage to the beloved Don't Starve universe, as Ghostly Spike smoothly incorporates game components into the Friday Night Funkin' mod. Fans of both games will enjoy the crossover humor.

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Using mouse

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