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Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Unblocked

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Unblocked is a continuation of the story developed in the previous parts. However, in this part of the game, a small pizzeria has turned into a real scary attraction. A group of people wanting to cash in on the pizzeria's popularity created the attraction. They even took one of the dolls used to scare the guard. During the day, it received guests. And at night, it must be guarded. And here, the guard is trapped by the same horror that Jeremy experienced at the pizzeria.

The lack of a torch is a distinguishing aspect of this stage of the game. Now you need to see the monster alone in complete darkness. As you understand, there is only one monster, but it can scare many monsters,s,like many monsters in previous parts. The defense is a recording of the boy with the ball smiling, which can be played in any room. This way, you lure monsters there and protect yourself from attack. However, the monster can disable the monitoring system, and you will need time to adjust its operation.

The monster can reach you through a ventilation hole, which can be repaired. But it can also damage it again. To help the monster appear, there are six ghosts that distract the player from its supervision.

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