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Clown Nights

Welcome to the world of Clown Nights! Imagine that you got a new job in a circus and you have to work 7-night shifts. At first, there is nothing strange happening. But sooner or later, you will definitely see the crazy clown. Because this is a horror game, you have to be careful. Those who have already played Five Nights At Freddy's will understand what is supposed to do. 


Clown Nights gives players an old-fashioned feel and beautiful animations, so there's no need for a modern 3D graphics design.

This game is also suitable for people of all ages because it is easy to play.


How to play

In this game, your goal is to stay away from the clowns and make it through the seven nights until sunrise. To play Clown Nights, you have to use the mouse. Click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to use the camera and find the clowns. Also, if you click on the screen, you can move around the guard room. You can't leave because this room is the only safe place in this place. Clicking the door button will lock the door, and clicking the light button will turn on the lights. But watch out. Even though it's only 12 a.m., you still need to save your energy until 6 a.m. Make good use of the camera and these buttons, and don't waste time. Turn on the lights so you can see what's wrong. Close the door until the clown goes away, or you'll start to float with it.


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