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Brother Wake Up

Brother Wake Up is a horror game in which you have to awaken your younger sibling from a deep sleep. Your little brother was put to sleep by the clock's manufacturer, who also damaged it. If the clock isn't fixed, your brother's sleep will never end. You must fix the clock and find all the clock's components in order to awaken your brother. He won't awaken until the watchmaker's spell is broken. Watchmaker helpers are to be avoided as they will pursue you. 

This game is chock-full of terrifying, nightmare-inducing, and painful sounds. If you want to make it to the end, all you need to have is bravery. Search for specifics and obscure passages. Conquer puzzles while avoiding enemy detection. Under the bed and in closets are places you can hide from monsters. They won't hear you if you shift on your haunches. Different monsters respond differently to the flashlight; some can be scared away, while others choose to attack you.

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