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After a particularly long nap, a young lady named Ann awakens to find that she is unable to leave the confines of her school. After midnight, when she finally comes to, she discovers that not only has the school been altered, but that it is also now haunted.

Game play

Ann has to make her way through the eerie hallway with the assistance of a security guard who remains unidentified until she reaches the exit.
A character controlled by the player navigates two-dimensional levels while the player interacts with and investigates a variety of objects. The player will face challenges in the form of obstructed pathways, which they will need to find a way to navigate around. You can save your progress in the game by going into the menu.

If you do not have a health bar, everything in the school has the potential to kill you, and all it takes is one hit for you to expire. To our good fortune, the ability to save is a permanent privilege that should be utilized frequently at all stages of the game.

How to play

Using mouse

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